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Scheduling & Recall Information




When you have a question about your schedule:


1. during bidding


2. after bidding

pbs inquiry form on IFS website


3. and Flica (before a clarification)

flica inquiry form under forms on the IFS website


4. after a flight (excluding Flica)

please file a scheduling clarification form


5. and vacation


6. and your pay report




Q:  How do I figure out at what time I will become illegal to take a flight when we have a long/rolling delay?


Maximum Actual On-Duty for a standard crew is 16hrs (7.C.2.b.) or 18hrs for an Augmented crew (7.C.2.d.(5))


Duty time begins at Check-In (1hr 15min prior to scheduled departure) – unless you are notified by scheduling that your Check-In time has been changed

Duty time ends 15min after block-in (30min after block-in for International flights to allow for Customs clearance).


Always use the PRINTED flight time from the bid packet (not the flight time that the pilot gives you)


FORMULA:  (B + D) – A – C = X


A         Printed bid flight time

B         Check-in and De-brief:  after duty ends, an additional 30 minutes (for customs) or

15 minutes (all other flights)

C         Domestic flight = :15, International flight = :30


D         Standard Crew (16 duty hours) or Augmented Crew (18 duty hours)

X         Time the flight must block out in order for the crew to be legal


First figure out the Maximum Actual On-Duty time by adding 16/18 to your Check-In time.  Then work backward to figure out what time you must block-out in order to be legal to take the flight by subtracting the Printed flight time and :15/:30.




A         Printed bid flight time:           5:00

B         Check-in:                                12:00

C         Domestic flight:                      :15

D         Standard Crew:                      16:00 (duty hours)


FORMULA:   (B + D) –  A  – C  =   X


EXAMPLE (12:00 + 16:00) – 5:00 - :15 = 22:45 (10:45 pm) off blocks (Domicile Time*


By 945 pm, crew should contact crew scheduling (15 hours on duty) to initiate a conversation; crew needs to decide to leave or stay over 16 hours duty.


The flight must block out by 22:45 for the crew to still be legal to take the flight.

Recall Information is published on the Daily Flight Schedule Page of the IFS Website

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