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Red slips serve as a notification to you that the company would like to have a discussion with you regarding an issue that involves you.  Generally, this is a meeting to learn more about an issue so that there is clarity on what occurred.  The outcome is based on the information you provide.  The red slip could be dismissed/discarded, require additional information, or result in possible charges against you.




The following are simple steps to help you when you receive a red slip in your file:


1.     Read the red slip carefully so you know what you can expect.

2.   You are required to notify your designated manager within ten (10) days; upon receipt.  Please confirm to the designee that you received the red slip.

3.     Coordinate a meeting date and time.


You have the option of taking in a witness to the meeting whether it is an AFA Representative, fellow Flight Attendant or even company representative.  The benefit of having a witness there is to observe what is being said between you and management.  Your witness may take notes for you to review at a later date.  For some Flight Attendants, it is simply comforting to have another person in the room.


If you prefer to have an AFA Representative attend the meeting with you:


1.     Inform the manager that you are in contact with the AFA to coordinate a date and time.

2.    Contact the AFA offices to help find different dates and times that may work.

4.     We ask that you provide any and all information that could help explain what happened during your incident.

5.     Please be honest and do not withhold pertinent information from your AFA Representative as it may not help your position.




The manager’s role in the meeting is to gather additional information regarding the issue that you were involved in.  That manager then takes the information to her/his supervisor to make a decision whether to discard the red slip, gather additional information or pursue further action.


The AFA representative is there purely to assist in the process.  We are not there to defend or promote any agenda since this meeting should be solely informational.  We are there as a witness and can help to clarify parts of the discussion.

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