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Becoming a Hawaiian Airlines Flight Attendant is a wonderful experience and we are pleased that you will soon be a part of our Association of Flight Attendants’ family! Please know that we are here to support and serve you.  As you continue this exciting career path, we encourage you to acquaint yourself with the AFA and our Contract as we are “Stronger Together and Better Together!”



Learn how the AFA structure works.


1.  Peruse the our websites

* the Hawaiian Airlines Master Executive Council and Local Executive Councils

* the Association of Flight Attendants

* the AFA is part of the Communications Workers of America

* we are also affiliated with the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations


2.  Familiarize yourself with your elected leaders

Master Executive Council (MEC) Officers

President:  Sharon Soper

Vice President:  Scott Henton

Secretary-Treasurer:  Joni Kashiwai


Local Executive Council (LEC) Officers

Council 43, Honolulu

President:  Jaci-Ann S. Chung

Vice President:  Nadene “Kahea” Ching

Secretary:  vacated


Council 47, Los Angeles

President:  Melissa Hooper

Vice President:  Craig Iwasaki

Secretary:  Maile Hernandez


3. Resource Your Council's Teams/Committees

We have various Teams to support and serve you as an AFA member.  These are two of the first that you will meet and work with.


Reserve Liaisons

Helps to answer questions when bidding as a Reserve, scheduling questions and any other items that pertain to this specific group of Flight Attendants.


Membership & Benefits

Helps you understand the membership process and can assist with dues and benefits questions.




Q:  What is the Initiation Fee?

A:  “Each Applicant accepted by the Union for active membership on or after October 31, 2005 shall be required to pay an initiation fee of sixty dollars ($60.00).” 


The initiation fee is charged in lieu of dues to help defray costs for administering the Contract, clerical and publication costs.  This is a one time fee and is transferable should you ever change your employment to another AFA represented carrier.  If for any reason, you do not complete probation, your Initiation Fee payment will be returned.


Q:  I have a question about paying my dues.  Who should I contact?

A:  The AFA-CWA has a Membership page with valuable information as well as their contact information.


You are also welcome to contact our Membership and Benefits Team especially since the International office is located in Washington D.C. and there is a 5 or 6 hour time difference.  Simply call 844.4HALAFA and follow the prompts to reach one of our volunteers!


Q:  What rights do I have as a AFA Member during my probationary period?

A:  All Sections of the Contract, except for disciplinary grievances apply to you as a Member during your probation. Union Representatives are always available to answer your questions and concerns.


Q:  When do I pay dues?

A:  Your $50/month dues are not collected until the completion of your probation. You will have completed a Dues Check-off Form during your Union presentation; dues are automatically deducted every month from your paycheck on the 7th of the month.


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