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Contract Education

April 18, 2012 – December 31, 2016

Contract Basics


Sections that we recommend you read and also have readily available or marked:


   3 - Compensation

   7 - Hours of Service

   8 - Reserves

 10 - Bidding and Award

 12 - Pick-ups and Trades


This is how we reference specific provisions:


Example – What are we paid for a Recall Assignment?


   1.    Section Number – 7 (Hours of Service)

   2.    Sub-Section (Paragraph)  - I (Recalling Flight Attendants Days Off)

   3.    Sub-Paragraph – 2 (Minimum Guarantee) and 3 (Volunteers for Recall)


Per Section 7.I.2


Minimum Guarantee – “All Flight Attendants shall be guaranteed a minimum of four (4) hours pay and credit or four (4) hours of recall pay hours on each day of recall.”


Per Section 7.I.3 


(a) “Crew Scheduling shall offer recall in seniority order to Flight Attendants who are projected for at least thirty-seven and one half (37.5) credited hours, and who are legal for the assignment on their day(s) off and if accepted      

   (i)   one (1) Interisland Recall and then one (1) International Recall;

   (ii)   one (1) International Recall; or

   (iii)  two (2) Interisland Recalls may not accept another Recall Assignment in a month unless it is to prevent the company from having to force assign a Recall Assignment in inverse order.


(b) Recall pay is defined as pay only, no credit, and shall be at two (2) times the Flight Attendant’s hourly rate of pay.

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